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    Please enter your real full name (first & last), not a nickname.

  • Username

    Part of the Login information to the system, it must be unique and consist of more than 4 Latin characters, it may include numbers.

  • Country and phone

    Pick your home country form the list and a phone number (optional), this information is confidential and will never be shared with third parties.


  • Email information

    Please enter your email twice, this information may have an influence on withdrawal process so please be sure that you enter it correctly.

  • Password requirements

    It must contain: a minimum of 8 characters, we strongly recommend you to use upper-case and special chars like: '$','&' etc.

  • Withdraw PIN requirements

    PIN is necessary to confirm withdrawals, so remember your input! It must contain minimum of 4 characters and the system won't allow a match with login password.


    This code will be used for possible future identity verification (such as withdraw PIN reset). Make sure to write it down because it won't be emailed later.

EWALLETS (Optional Fields)

  • Bitcoin address

    Enter a valid BTC address, this address is usually between 26-35 characters, most addresses are 34 characters.

  • PerfectMoney account #

    Enter a valid PerfectMoney wallet number, it uses the following format U********

  • PAYEER account #

    Enter a valid PAYEER wallet number, it uses the following format P********

Please take a moment to fill-in and check thoroughly the registration form, we want to thank you in advance for your time and interest.


personal information


* Word/s or numbers to be used as verification for your future requests.

Your eWallet/s (OPTIONAL)

~ Optional fields: If you don't have a BitCoin wallet account yet, get one HERE.
For PerfectMoney you can register HERE and for PAYEER (cards & bank), HERE.